March Madness

So this month has been madness for me.  I am getting close to finishing up the extra classes I need for my fashion design certifiate from Apparel Arts.  Besides pattern drafting, this month I have been enrolled in computerized pattern drafting and a tailoring class.  Both have been so fun to learn and challenging.

My sewing skills are pretty good, but there is always more to learn.  There is something so rewarding about taking your time and creating something with specific methods that have been pasted down.  I have made jackets before, but this time, I created my own pattern.  I also learned about creating an inner structure for the jacket and the reasons why you would do this.  I learned how to make bound buttonholes and welt pockets.  Both of these seamed so intimidating, but actually were not quite as difficult as I thought they would be.  One more class and a bunch of homework and I should be done in the next week or two (fingers crossed!)

welt pockt

The computerized pattern drafting class I am taking has proven to be quite challenging.  My final class is tonight, and I should have my skirt pattern drafted so I can have it printed after this class.  This program will take lots of practice and trying out new skills.  I am really excited to move forward with this type of pattern drafting as it will prove to be very helpful with my pattern line.

Well thats all for now.

Talk to you in April.




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