April News from Little Leona

Hi Friends,

Well, it is time to get official over here at Little Leona.

I will be giving monthly updates to keep you posted on the progress of my patterns as they start rolling out.  The first pattern in my line is called the peek-a-boo dress.  I made a version of it for the girls for Easter.

My inspiration came from some easter dresses my mom made for my sister and me when we were the same ages as Chloe and Claire.  I am sentamental and wanted  these little sweetie pies to have similar dresses.  While my line of patterns will mostly have a more modern flair, my old fashioned roots took over for this first dress.


The pattern will come with the bunny applique as well as a few other peek-a-boo animals and can be made with or without the animals and pocket.  Stay tuned for pictures of other versions as I finish up the instructions, grading and digitizing.



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Bunting DIY and a free pattern

This one is for all you Downton Abbey fans out there.  Do you remember Lady Mary’s wedding to Mathew?  How can you not?  Right?  Well we (my daughter Bailey and I) loved that the whole town was decorated with white buntings.  Now, I am not sure if that is a new decoration inserted into that time period, or if buntings were actually used to decorate for weddings and such back then, but it was so pretty.

We recently celebrated Bailey’s birthday.  She wanted a party here at the house where she could invite a bunch of her friends to hang out and celebrate.  I found a list of what she wanted for decorations scribbled on a scratch paper.  We never really talked about it, but I went straight to work making pretty white buntings, which was on the top of her list.  I didn’t tell her about it so when she walked in the door and saw this, she was thrilled.



You can make these for your next party.  Really!  They are very easy. Here is  a tutorial on how to make these buntings.

I am going to give you directions how to make the triangles by measuring and drawing directly on the fabric, but for those of you who would rather have a pattern I have included one here. Bunting Pattern

I wanted my triangles to be 6 inches by 8 inches, so I folded over the edge of the fabric 9 inches.    You can place the pattern with the short side along the folded edge and cut out, or follow the next step.


Next  measure out every 6 inches along the fold and marked it lightly with a pencil. This is the width of each triangle.  In the center of each 6 inches, make a mark (so every 3 inches).  From the center mark, measure up 8 inches toward the edge of the fabric and make a light mark.  From this 8 inch point draw a line down to your marks you made on either side of the center (or the 6 inch marks).  This makes your triangle on the fold of the fabric.  Keep measuring and drawing your triangles across the length of you fabric.  (Double click on the photo to see it bigger.  The pencil lines show up better.)


You can use straight sissors or pinking sheers.  I used straight for this bunting, but may use pinking sheers next time.  I love how it looks.


After I cut all the triangles out, I had more triangles on the other half of the folded fabric.  Although the triangles cut on the fold saves a step, I hate to waste fabric so I cut the rest of the triangles out and just sewed them together at the top. I forgot to take a picture of this, but as you cut out your triangles on the fold, you will see the triangles that are opposite of the ones you just cut out appear.  You can those triangles out and sew them together as in this picture below.


For some reason I love things all lined up.  Line up all the sewn triangles and iron the seams open.


Next I piled up all the bunting pieces next to my sewing machine and sewed them to a string of twine.   Open up the bunting pieces and place the twine down the center.  Fold over the bunting piece to encase the twince in the center. Sew 1/2 inch from the fold.


Be sure to not sew onto the twine.  This will allow you to slide the bunting pieces to your desired spacing.  Time Saving Tip:  You can keep sewing between pieces and cut the threads after you are finished.   IMG_5074

I like the spacing to be uneven and random, but you can space yours in perfect order.  I love this bunting for how the pieces can slide together and folded accordion style for easy storage.  


And just for fun, here are few more pictures from Bailey’s 17th

IMG_5084 IMG_5102 IMG_5117 IMG_5126

Happy Birthday Bailey!


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beautiful fabric



Just received some fun packages from overseas.  These beutiful fabrics will be used for samples for the line of children’s clothing patterns that I am working on.  Can’t wait to show you how they turn out!

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